Model IC-4 Thermo Insulation Energy Efficient

  • Lid Safety Switch Cuts Pump Off If Lid Is Opened
  • Vertical Seal - Less Pump, No Pump Seals, Pump End Is Completely Submerged.
  • Top Spray Bar Swivels to the Side to Allow For Easy Loading.
  • 15 Min. Cycle Timer
  • Portable, on Wheels.
  • Power Cord and Wall Receptacle Standard.
  • Large Enough Inside to Handle Engine Blocks, and Transmissions, Outside its Compact Size Fits Nicely Even in Any Garage, Even at Home.
  • NO BEARINGS in Water, Spindle Assembly is Sealed by an Air Lock. Turntable is Belt Driven by a Gearmotor.

INSTA-CLEAN parts washers can clean many types of materials: steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastic, even glass. Cleaning automotive parts, engine blocks and transmissions with the heaviest dirt and oil as well as newly machined parts, can be cleaned fast, efficient and economically.

Open the parts washer door and place dirty parts on work tray, close the door and turn timer on (5-15) min- utes. Parts come out oil free, dirt free and dry. Gaskets lift off parts with ease. Parts are protected from rust by a light film.

Hot water (150-180F) and a mild alkaline detergent is sprayed at high volume and pressure from the 360 degree manifold that rotates 360 degrees around the parts, cleaning them fast and economically. Workers will no longer have the labor intensive job of manually cleaning parts in potentially harmful solvents and chemicals.

The time and labor saved with an INSTA-CLEAN parts washer will allow you to spend more time on the actual job, increasing productivity. Not only saving on labor cost but adding potentially thousands of dollars in added productivity. Businesses with manual cleaning operations as small as 15 minutes a day will profit from using an INSTA-CLEAN parts washer. INSTA-CLEAN parts washers are designed to operate as economical as possible. Higher horsepower gives faster cleaning. Thermo insula- tion saves on heat loss.

Pump H.P. Cleaning Area
Working Capacity
Heating Thermo Insulation Built On
Oil Skimmer
Voltage Amps Approx. Weight
2 Diameter 26"
Height 31"
Diagonal 40"
45 Electric Only
4.5 KW
YES Portable Available 49" 40" 32" 200v
30 500lbs

Insta-Clean Quality

Since 1977 INSTA-CLEAN has been Manufacturing Parts Washers with high standards. Sound Designs and quality materials have given INSTA-CLEAN a reputation of producing equipment that will last. You can depend on INSTA-CLEAN sales, parts, and technical staff for fast and courteous service.

At INSTA-CLEAN your satisfaction is important to us. Our product testing staff performs extensive tests to assure that our products will perform to high standards and give long service life. Every parts washer built by INSTA-CLEAN is filled with water and tested to assure that there are no leaks and that all components work properly. If a component should fail during the warranty period, INSTA-CLEAN, in most cases, can guarantee overnight delivery of replacement parts. The WARRANTY on Models IC-4, IC-7, IC-10 is 3-YEARS on all parts.